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What is a Tuning Box?

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It's a question we get asked regularly here at TDI Tuning: what exactly is a diesel tuning box? Put simply, it's an easy-to-install device that can be incorporated into your engine bay to boost your engine's power, torque and fuel efficiency.

All of our diesel tuning boxes connect securely to your engine and work in parallel with your Engine Control Unit (ECU). Our products adjust and streamline the engine's fuel injection parameters, engine timing, boost pressure and quantity of fuel added, to significantly improve overall performance.

Tuning boxes typically plug straight into the engine's existing wiring structure, so all you will need to install your new purchase are some very basic tools such as a screwdriver. There is no wire cutting involved, as the system connects directly into your existing wiring. We make it as easy as possible for our customers to install our systems by providing them with comprehensive, easy to follow pictorial English (other languages also available) installation instructions and offer a dedicated customer support service that provides technical advice around the clock. All of our tuning boxes also come with a full 14 day money back guarantee and include a 3 year warranty for your complete peace of mind.

Vehicles are operated differently with multiple driving styles and requirements. The challenge for car manufacturers is to ensure that their vehicles are able to operate regardless of the conditions and environments in which they are used. They'll factor a large degree of tolerance into the engine to prevent it from unanticipated wear and tear. This approach leaves ample room for us to tap into the engine's hidden power capabilities and enable your vehicle to better to suit your requirements without reducing reliability.

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There has been much talk of the circulation of a number of low-quality diesel tuning boxes in recent years, and the manufacturers of these inferior products have inadvertently given our industry a bad name. The simplistic devices in question will only send out static signals to the engine, which often results in unpredictable and uncontrollable engine behaviour. You can rest assured that TDI Tuning only stocks diesel tuning boxes with safe, genuine electronic circuit systems and high performance micro-processors. With the customer in-mind, all of our systems are delivered to the customer pre-configured to achieve the perfect blend of additional Power, Torque and Fuel Efficiency. However if the customer has a desire to select an alternative performance setting, all of our products are exceptionally easy to adjust.

Please note that, whilst we do our best to provide our customers with the most accurate power figures possible for each diesel tuning box we offer; the power and torque gains assigned to each product have been documented over years of installations and rolling road tests, and so should be used as an accurate guide yet there may be some slight variation with your own vehicle.

Pulling Power

increase pulling power

Our diesel tuning systems are developed to dramatically increase your vehicle's power and torque (pulling power), meaning, if you regularly tow a caravan, boat or heavy-duty trailer, you will certainly benefit from installing a diesel tuning box from TDI Tuning. Our experienced team appreciates that pulling away or attempting to accelerate with a heavy load in an underpowered vehicle can be a daunting prospect, especially if the burden is clearly placing an undue strain on your vehicle. With this in mind, we work to bring you practical solutions that will allow you to drive in these conditions with complete confidence.

The Benefits Over an ECU Remap

ecu remaping

TDI Tuning also provides a full in house custom remapping service as well as class leading digital tuning systems. With this in mind, we are unbiased and will always provide the customer with the best available options available to them.

An ECU remap involves refining the sophisticated program that controls your ECU. Once your engine has been re-programmed (re-mapped), it can be difficult to restore it back to its factory settings, and in most cases the company which carries this work out for you will charge you for this service. Subsequently, we do not charge our customers for putting their vehicle back to standard should they ever wish too. Our diesel tuning boxes can be removed effortlessly and, once removed, your vehicle will revert back to its standard setup (a particularly strong advantage for customers with vehicles still under their manufacturer's warranty). Our systems are flash upgradeable, which means you also have the option of updating your system in the future. In addition to all of these points, diesel tuning boxes from TDI Tuning can be over 50% more cost-effective than a standard remap from a simular specialist.

Fuel Savings and Power Increases

A question we're often asked is how can a tuning box save me fuel and therefore money? Engines become more efficient if they are capable of carrying out their tasks whilst combusting less fuel. When a diesel tuning box is installed, the increased power and torque will ensure that your vehicle is capable of providing greater returns whilst combusting less fuel.

fuel savings with engine tuning

We know that investing in a tuning box for your vehicle will save you fuel and ultimately money. You may be surprised to learn that all modern engines are restricted to operate underpowered due to a wide range of variables taken into consideration by the vehicle manufacturers themselves. Modern engines are restricted in order to accommodate some of the following factors:

  • Global variants in fuel quality
  • Climate
  • Air quality (inc altitude)
  • Regional emissions regulation
  • Significantly variable driving environments

These significant variables are taken into consideration when an engine program is written. Since engine programs are written for global use, the margins for every combination of variable are excessive. This allows us to safely utilise a part of these margins, and in turn provide the vehicle with considerable gains in performance and fuel economy whist still keeping suitable safety margins in place. Unlike many other tuning companies, we write region specific maps which are suited to the geographic location where the vehicle will operate. For example, if we remap or provide a tuning box for a vehicle in Europe, we will write files specifically for that vehicle when used in Europe. The same rule is applied for all other countries across the globe. This ensures that we can obtain the best output from the vehicle in any country.

Design and Development

diesel tuning design and development

TDI Tuning works closely with our own electronics engineers both here in the UK and Germany, to bring you high standard technology that is sure to go the distance. We have decades of combined experience in the automotive industry and boast key exposure to engine control systems and fuel injection technologies.

Regardless of your budget, we stock a wide range of tuning solutions that will suit your requirements. Our competitively-priced CRTD diesel tuning boxes are a perfect starting point, while our CRTD2 multi map, multi channel tuning boxes are a great choice for those demanding the very best from their vehicle.

Are Your Products Safe?

tuning product safety

A vehicle is likely to be your pride and joy, a substantial financial investment and needs to be maintained. For this reason, you need to be sure that any installable aftermarket device such as a diesel tuning box is 100% safe. Our tuning boxes have been extensively tested to ensure they are designed and manufactured to our very exacting standards. Our systems sit behind the vehicle's ECU, which means that the main engine ECU is always in control of the vehicle and safeguards against any potential damage.

We'll help you get the most power from your vehicle in the safest way possible. Our team will be able to help you select a tuning device that best suits your vehicle. We have an extensive knowledge of all of the major brands and models across the world and understand that the optimum settings vary from vehicle to vehicle, so we'll provide you with recommendations based on our expert knowledge and many years of experience.