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Customer Reviews

Don't just take our word for it

Over the years we have recieved some great feedback. So much so, we thought we'd share some of it with you. So why not take a look at what our customers have to say about us? Oh, and if you'd like to write us a review, we would love to hear from you too!

Please email us your review or testimonial along with a photo of your vehicle to


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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Jaguar XF

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to drop you a quick mail regarding the TDI tuning box you recently fitted to my Jaguar XF . I had this fitted at your depot in Chelmsford, the guys were great and very helpful. The unit was fitted in less than 15 minutes and we then took  the car for a test drive. WOW, that's all I can say, what a difference it has made to my car.! So much so that I'm going back in next week for one to be fitted to my new Jaguar XJ.

Again , thanks for the great service.

Don Hunter

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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - BMW 1 Series

Just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to all at TDI Tuning. I purchased by CRTD2 Box for my BMW 1 Series last September. The vehicle is running brilliantly and really improved the cars performance and mpg.
After owning the tuning box for for a while I sent the system back for an update to the new software. The item was returned to me within 4 days. I perceive this to be outstanding customer care.

I would definitely recommend tdi tuning to anyone.

Thanks again.

Amy Brook

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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - BMW 5 Series

Dear Team.

Just wanted to drop everyone a note to say that this product is brilliant.

I've been running one of these boxes in my 5 series for over a year now. The extra economy is truly remarkable. The vehicle manufacturer states should give you up 42mpg but now never drops below 49.5. On a run it's even reached the dizzy heights of 58.5. I would not hesitate in recommending one of these boxes. It's reconfirmed my faith in the car and viability to everyday usage.

Set in the standard setting, the performance is impressive, but the fuel saving is more than enough to keep me happy.

Cracking kit at a good price. If you don't have one, you need one!




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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Volvo XC90 D5

Volvo XC90 185 D5 Geartronic AWD
I have only owned the Volvo for just over 2 months. I was told about the tuning boxes by someone when i went to a viewing, he didn't tell me about the tdi tuning boxes but i wanted the best so started the hunt! so I've had one on the car almost 3 weeks after i brought the car! and i'm glad i found tdi tuning because i really cant fault them at all !!
Before the box was fitted we took a trip to legoland, so reset the ave mpg on the computer and set out, i got about 32-33mpg then a week later fitted the box and already around town i am getting 37mpg on a motorway run 40+ ! not bad for a 2 ton trunk !!
You can feel the difference in the toque ! it pulls like a train ! overtaking is effortless ! top speed haven't tried as i'm not really interested in that.


Kevin Cannon

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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - BMW 3 Series

Ordered my box last sunday and it arrived friday (CoteD'Azure , France) which was pretty impressive but not as impressive as the performance change.

Have and will continue to recommend your product

Kind regards

Nigel Halliday

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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Volvo D5

Very impressed with TDI - Tuning product. My Volvo S80 D5 is quieter, smoother, more efficient, and the power delivery is more linear. MPG increased by around 8 - 10 mpg.

Owen Fielding

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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Citroen Xsara Picasso 2.0 HDI

I've used these guys for a Citroen Xara Picasso 2lt Diesel and it makes a massive difference. Fuel economy up from 54mpg to 63mpg (long haul on Motorway) and the extra power is an added benefit. I've now just purchased a Citroen Relay and a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 1.6 and would like a quote please. PS I've sold the original Picasso with 185,000 miles on the clock and the 63mpg was the new owner going to South wales and back! BIG LIKE!

Jeremy Peter Valentine

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Product: PDd Diesel Tuning Box - Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI

I recently fitted a TDI Tuning box to my Skoda Octavia 2.0 PD diesel hatchback and have found it to be excellent. The engine runs more smoothly over all the revs range and the power in the mid rpm range for overtaking at 50 to 60 mph is vastly improved. Also fuel consumption has improved from 50mpg to 53 mpg
An excellent buy

Geoff Brown

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Product: PDd Diesel Tuning Box - Volkswagen T5 1.9 TDI

Just a quick message to say I recently purchased a tdi tuning box for a t5 transporter 102bhp.
I have had it for a couple of weeks now and can honestly say its a different van.
It revs so much better and I now have power to overtake due to the impressive boost in power/acceleration.
My mpg is also better by around 40 miles per £70.
Your after sales were great when I couldn't find the right place to plug it in. Within 5 mins it was all sorted and in working.

Thanks very much


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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Antara 2.2 CDTI

I have had my Vauxhall Antara 2.2 SE NAV 163ps for around a month and whilst it's been pleasant enough to drive, it was never going to set the world alight. Acceptable performance has only been marred by an annoying flat spot when pulling away resulting in countless stalls for anyone who's driven it. OK, so I took the plunge and spent the money on a tdi tuning box. It took me almost seconds to fit. As soon as I turned around on the drive, I could tell there was something different. It pulls away on tick over without the need for the throttle. It certainly has more torque that's for sure and picks up much more smartly too. This box does, what a lot more money would have done if I'd opted for the 184ps model and then some.


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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5L

Hi,fitted the unit in 5 minutes,all seems to be running well,it has removed the flat spot that it had when you first apply the throttle.

Looking forward to some fuel figures,I will forward the figures on when I have used a couple of tanks.

Thanks again for you help,it must not be easy dealing with novices at times.


Eden Kidred

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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Citroen C2 1.4 HDI

Bought the CRTD2 on Tuesday, delivered at 8am on Wednesday fitted by 8:30am - completely amazed and satisfied with results!

Thank you very much!

Colin White

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Product: PD Diesel Tuning Box - VW Golf 1.9 TDI

I have a Golf TDI 150 PD. I brought the box which was money well spent. A increase in power, smooth revs with gear change and gained a extra 50 miles from a full tank.

Thanks Jonathan

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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Chrysler 300C 3.0 CRD

Thank you for your help
The unit was delivered the following day and fitted after having made a run of some 24 miles to get an average mpg which was 37 (by pass motoring at a steady 65)
After fitting the unit I returned 42 mpg on the same run. So am well pleased with this figure.
Driving the powerful Chrysler 300c had always made me smile but now its a huge grin!! The difference in performance is quite spectacular.
I had one question but one phone call clarified everything.

Thanks guys

Roger Griffiths

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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - VW Golf 2.0 TDI

Hi just tried the tuning box on the car tonight I have to say I was well impressed its smooth and feels much more powerful, the car has only done 700 miles so once it's loosened up a bit it's going to go even better.

I have tried numerous boxes on my cars and this is up there with the best so thank you for all your help and advice, if I have any questions I will be in touch but for now i have a big smile on my face.




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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - BMW 3 Series


I've just got home from Chelmsford having had you fit the tuning box to my car this morning and I had to email you.

Firstly, I cannot thank you enough for the superb customer service that I have received from your Company.  However, that's nothing compared to the transformation that my car has undergone.

The performance is massively improved all round, acceleration is probably on a par with a 330i petrol model if not quicker.  I've no idea what the top speed is but it rockets into three figures now.  The throttle response is far crisper than before and whilst I used to have press hard on the accelerator to get any real response, now just the lightest of touches and the car shoots off down the road like a scared cat.  Fuel economy is literally startling in its improvement.  I'm now achieving 50mpg, before the CRTD2 was fitted I was getting low 40's mpg on a run.

At this rate with the mileage that I cover, the tuning box will pay for itself in four months if not sooner.

You are to be congratulated and I would not hesitate to recommend your product to my friends and family.


Mark Harris

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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Audi A5 3.0 TDI

Hi to all TDI Tuning,
Have had time to evaluate the CRTD2 tuning box I fitted to my Audi A5 3.0 TDI and I must say I am very pleased. Fuel consumption has improved, and there is an improvement of a second in acceleration time between 30 to 70 in fourth gear plus car feels much more responsive throughout the rev range.

Once again thanks for a great service and excellent product.

Ian Hunter

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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Volkswagen Transporter 2.0 TDI

Volkswagen Transporter 2.0 BiTDI 180 Sportline Review. I bought my tuning box from TDI Tuning back in May. I was seriously disappointed in the performance and mpg of the standard vehicle. I also wanted to keep my van in warranty. My CRTD2 box arrived and I fitted it immediately which transformed the van. Certainly quicker and smoother off the mark and accelerated well through all the gears. The mpg increased from 36mpg to 42mpg when driven ultra frugally. I generally get around 38mpg. I could get more but you can't drive at 65mph with a 220Bhp van now can you.

Van runs like a dream now, so smooth, great performance and good mpg. I even clocked this on the way home in the run of the traffic, far from quick, constant 60mph.

I have a perfect running vehicle, in warranty and has probably already paid for itself in the fuel that I have saved.

Really happy.

Chris Rattz-Evans

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Product: PDd Diesel Tuning Box - Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI

I installed the PD unit to my MkV Golf GT 2,0 TDI DSG a couple of weeks ago and am delighted as it only took about 5 mins to fit and my expectations have been exceeded. The power and acceleration is noticeably improved, the engine and gear changes seem smoother. Driving normally (as before fitting), the range from a full tank of diesel has gone from around 550 miles to at least 600 miles. Very impressed - with thanks.

Overall Excellent.

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Product: TD Diesel Tuning Box - Skoda Octavia 1.9 TDI

Hi TDI Tuning Team,

I have found your power box trough the internet. I was looking for something, that will give to my car some extra power and torque. I have found your POWERBOX :)
I own a 1,9 TDI 81Kw Skoda Octavia, 10 years old, 216.000 km on it. Installation of the powerbox took me about 5 minutes. Very easy fitting.

What can I tell you? I got more torque, that is what I was looking for at the first place. Car goes much better than before, I have more power and torque for overtaking.
But I was totally surprised with the new consumption! Very good job TDI Tuning Team! My overall consumption went from 6,2 L /100 km in city to 5,5 L /100 km.
I don't need to push the engine to the higher rpms as much as before. I'm very satisfied with that. I was looking for torque and more power, plus I have got economy as a benefit too :)

By the way, I like that TDI sticker! :)

Perfect Job!

Best regards,

Miro, Slovakia

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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Mercedes ML

Hi, this will be the third Mercedes I have fitted my CRTD2 box to. (2 x 4 Litre V8's and 1x 3 Litre V6), in all of which I have seen a considerable improvement both in power and mpg. The current model being an ML 420CDI V8. I can vouch for a 0-60 mph in under 6 seconds, which is not bad for a 2.5 tonne auto 4x4!!!!   MPG has increased by approx 4mpg.

The 420 ML is not a slow car by any means but now it is virtually as quick as the AMG petrol version thanks to the tremendous increase in torque. I realise not everybody will want this sort of performance, but just imagine how one of these kits will transform your diesel.
I am not given to singing the praise after market products, but I can vouch that this one does what it says on the "tin".

One final word about the staff, they know their stuff, are polite and are willing to advise on any questions without patronising the customer.

Keep up the good work guys!

Best regards

Mike Green

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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Volvo S40

I have had the diesel tuning box fitted to my volvo S40 2.0D SE Lux for a month now.

I live in Orkney my normal drive to work is 3 miles of single track road with passing places and then a 15 Mile Drive to work on country roads going through about three villages where you have to drive at 40mph  and then parking in the town.  Doing that drive, my fuel economy mpg has gone up from 40-43.4mpg to 48-50mpg.

I usually go to the supermarket and shop two or three times a week whilst in town and my fuel efficiency is consistently 47.3- 47.6 mpg with this added in town driving. For combined driving, given the weight of the car this is excellent. The car goes up steep hills in 6th gear like they are not there.

Kind regards,

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Product: PDd Diesel Tuning Box - Volkswagen Jetta 1.9 TDI

Well, after lots of research and soul searching I finally took the plunge and purchased one of your chip boxes for my 2006 Jetta. I've watched the cost of fuel going up and up and when, this last weekend it reached £1.45 I decided it was action time. Your delivery service had the unit here the day after my order went through and I was into the garage in a flash to fit it.

In trepidation I switched on and took the car for a spin, following the toughest route I could find.  The main reason I'm writing this is that I had been concerned that my car has the DSG gearbox and I hadn't seen any mention of such a configuration in the forums. I needn't have worried because the car performed faultlessly. More gutsy on hills and smoother on the acclaimed fast automatic gear change. So far so good! I look forward to the proof of the excellence of your product when I get out on the open road.


Ken Dunn (Scarborough)

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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Jaguar XF 3.0D

Well what can I say!? Apart from IT REALLY WORKS And once more, thank you very much Matthew for the great service and help.

Take care,

Andreas Valianti

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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Audi A6 3.0 TDI

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with your equipment.

More economy, loads more HP, resposne and torque.

Very good value.

Mike Mitchell

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Product: PDd Diesel Tuning Box - Volkswagen Polo TDI

Got the TDI Tuning box on my TDI Polo and what a difference it has made to the car. Made it more powerful and has more torque than the more expensive model.

Customer service is excellent.

Jonathan Pine

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Product: PDd Diesel Tuning Box - Skoda Fabia 1.4 TDI

Hi TDI Tuning guys,

Order placed at about 2.00pm yesterday arrived and fitted by 9.30 this morning.....ASTONISHING!!

As is the improvement in the car, much smoother at low revs and much happier crawling around town in the traffic, 5th gear (seems to be an A-road overdrive on a Fabia) useable and smooth from about 35 mph (rather than a lumpy 40-ish mph) pulling smoothly to maximum 60mph and beyond.... Oops.

Drop a cog to overtake, foot down, eat my dust, I love it!! And this out of a 1.4 diesel!!

On board computer shows low 80s tootling down a single track country lane at 30-40 mph in 3rd or 4th (fewer changes than usual), falling to low/mid 70s on a reasonably flat trunk road at 60 mph in 4th/ top. Previously, before fitting the box, high 50s to mid 60s across the range. I will report back after I have done a few top-up tests. I have a long trip, 1k miles shortly so I should get a reasonably accurate MPG, both motorway and urban.

The car is an 06, 53k miles, serviced annually, a practice I intend to continue unless the 10k service interval gets there first.

Happy engine, happy John, regards

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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Land Rover Freelander TD4

Just thought I'd drop you an email to say how thrilled I was with my recent purchase of the tdi tuning box for my freelander td4, it arrived 2 days after ordering, and fitted it under 10 minutes supplied with excellent clear instructions and plenty of cable ties, after fitting I tried the car for a short distance and could instantly feel the difference, looking forward to this weekend as I'm towing our 4 berth senator caravan so the extra torque will be a god send. Thanks again to everyone at tdi tuning specialists for the excellent service I received. I have already highly recommended you to others.

Best regards

Darren wilkinson


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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Mazda 2.2

Graeme and all at TDI-Tuning.

I think of your tuning system as a fantastic product. It does exactly what you promise - and it's taken what I considered to be a good car to being a great car. The additional power delivered , the ability to choose how that additional power is delivered and added bonus of improved economy is just wonderful.

The installation of the system on my particular vehicle was exceptionally quick and easy. Quicker and easier than I had originally thought (and feared). The signal connector required was instantly and easily available upon removal of the engine cover and following maybe 45mins of testing the different settings of your system has resulted in both more power AND the promised efficiency gain. I didn't think it was possible to improve both power and efficiency, but the system does it.

The difference in power is immediately noticeable, and the efficiency gain is unquestionably quantifiable at the pump. My particular car has gone from 48.5 MPG, to 52.5 MPG which is right within your promised improvement in performance.

Excellent stuff - I'd recommend it in a heart-beat!!


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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Peugeot HDI

The difference that this TDI Tuning Box has made to my Peugeot 406 HDi is amazing. The additional power and torque are obvious from startup: The engine no longer feels breathless and is much more responsive to throttle changes. The car romps up hills where previously it would struggle somewhat. With the additional power on tap, the car is now even more relaxing to drive.

Your claimed improvement in fuel consumption is if anything, conservative. On the trip of 200km to (150 km highway at 110 km/hr plus 50km urban), consumption was 6.3L/100km at an average speed of 92 km/hr. On the return trip, using the additional power at times, consumption was 5.5 L/100km. (44.8 mpg before, 51.4 mpg after). I am confident that with little effort, the fuel consumption will be even better, giving a payback time of less than one year.

The TDI Tuning Box is an excellent investment which I will recommend to other members of the Peugeot Car Club.

NSW, Australia

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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Vauxhall Vivaro 2.0 dCi

Hi there guys, Just wanted to drop an email to say thanks for your help with my van.

I was apprehensive about getting a tuning box for my new Vauxhall Vivaro dCi 115 Sportive as the initial outlay seemed a lot and was sceptical it could make such a difference but I am so glad I did now. The standard quoted combined mpg on this van is 37mpg. It showed 44mpg on my last long journey, which included a few long 50mph motorway road works sections but also a quick blast! The improvement in torque is the best bit though, pulling away in 2nd gear is no problem, in fact it pushes you back into the seat, and will keep pulling through all gears. There's also more programs to select, but I have not even started with that yet!

I'm now looking to get a new turbo diesel car, and find myself checking the tdi-tuning website to check what kind of improvements can be done on that particular car with another tuning box.


Neil Scrivener

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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Fiat Punto


I just wanted to thank you for the service provided, I received my Tuning Box for my Punto 1.9M-Jet on Thursday. Now that I have fitted it, I must say the product is everything I had hoped for - Plug-in and go, instant extra torque that is really noticeable, which is what I wanted.

The product is fantastic, does exactly what it promises, so no problems there.

Thanks again,


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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - Suzuki Swift 1.3 & Fiat Ducato 3.0

After a very poor after sales experience with another tuning chip company, I was reluctant to purchase a unit from another one. However I took the plunge and purchased one from TDI-Tuning after reading reviews. I purchased  it for my Suzuki Swift 1.3 ddis and found the performance increase astonishing. The flexibility of the engine was amazing with an increase in the mpg as a bonus. I have to say that their technical support is as described on their website. There is always someone to speak to and they certainly go the extra mile to make sure you are totally happy with your purchase. I was so impressed with their product and their after sales service I purchased a unit for my Fiat Ducato 3.0L motorhome. I am pleased to say I am really pleased with the purchase and the performance increase. Fuel consumption has also improved which is really pleasing. Well done guys for a great product and a really good service.

Kind regards

Paul Lewis

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Product: CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box - BMW 3 Series

I have enclosed a photo of my BMW 330D, This is message for anyone that is considering a TDI-Tuning Box.

I had ordered a system for my vehicle from a different tuning company, in which I had some issues and they were never there to take my calls. Finally they refunded me my money (after weeks of no reply)

I was very reluctant about the tuning box's but I contacted TDI-Tuning, straight away the customer service was outstanding. They assured me they would help me through the process. I happen to live relatively local so I drove over. I couldn't believe how easy it was to fit, as I was on my way in 10 minutes.

I am now saving about £20 a week on fuel. Thanks again TDI for giving me faith again in tuning.

David Keon

testimonials image18


Just wanted to say what a fantastic product you have. I fitted it in minutes, just as you said I would and it has transformed the car. As well as the Bhp increase, I am seeing a big improvement in fuel economy. I had been very disappointed with the economy on this Mondeo, having had the car only 5 months. I even took it back to the main dealer because of the poor economy. It was only achieving 30mpg locally and 37 Mpg on a run. Since fitting the box, I am now getting 40 Mpg just going to work and back which is only a 6 mile run, so cannot wait to take it for a good run and see what I get on a motorway. The transformation in the driving is unbelievable.  Although it was 197 Bhp to begin with, it did have real dead spots at low revs.  Those have vanished and it is now tremendously quick right through the rev range. I work at a large site and come into contact with a lot of people, many similar minded to myself about cars. I have been busy recommending your product and I know some guys have already purchased from you!

Thanks again


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I have recently purchased a diesel tuning unit for my 2010 60 Plate 1.5 dCi Nissan Qashqai. Thanks for your help with installation, I was able to fit it in 5 mins.

I ran it for a week to and from work and managed to increase MPG by just over 5 MPG to 54MPG which is what it should have achieved anyway according to Nissan, but would only get to 48 ish, so either it was set up at Sunderland after lunch on a Friday, or Nissan have pushed there figures a little!!!!!

The big difference was this week as we towed our caravan from Norfolk to Derbyshire not only did I achieve 39.5 MPG, but this is when I noticed the extra power most.

So all in all it was worth the purchase.

Many Thanks.

Allan Saunders

Cromer, Norfolk

testimonials image20

Just fitted the tuning box to my car, it really does what it says on the tin! Couldn't believe it was so easy to fit. My 2011 Navarra is not sluggish anymore, I have so much power, it's amazing. The extra efficiency is also a little Gem!

Super fast delivery I ordered Wednesday morning and it had arrived Thursday morning. I am really please with this product!

Mike O'leary

testimonials image21

I was unsure if the Tuning system was worth buying or not but since I was planning a 3 week trip though the Alps towing a trailer I spoke to TDI Tuning.
The box arrived very quickly and I installed it in about 30mins the day before I left.
What a difference my Discovery is now a lot more drivable with no flat spots and pulls away at junctions etc much better than before. But more importantly I made it over 8 mountain passes in the alps without having to resort to 1st gear and full throttle. It easily pulled the trailer up even the steepest of tracks - something that I am sure it wouldn't have done before the box was fitted.

I would recommended fitting one if you tow anything!


2000 Discovery TD5

testimonials image22

I have to say was a little optimistic about Tuning Boxes at first with what I had been reading on internet forums. However, 6 months later I've now bought a second one from you. The wife was so impressed with the fuel savings I received from my Tuning Box for my Audi A4 that I purchased last month, she wanted one too! So bought one of your CRTD2 box's for my wife's 2010 Golf 2.0 TDI. The Golf now does an extra 7 MPG and she's over the moon!

Thank you guys! Top quality product! You are well recommended to friends and family, we couldn't fault the service!

Christopher Sullivan

testimonials image23

Thanks for the extremely fast delivery of my tuning box. I must admit I was a little sceptical about the claims made on the advertising blurb but now its fitted I can't believe how accurate it all is. It took under 10 mins to fit to my car as the engine cover just pulls off and the connection point is obvious from the instructions.

The main reason I purchased a box was for the economy gains as an Alhambra diesel is never going to be a rocket!! I have to say though its much improved over standard and must have increased the already torquey tdi pd engine as it tries to spin the wheels if you put your foot down when accelerating in 2nd. I fitted this after owning the car for only 500 miles or so and the trip comp long term reading was averaging 48mpg (not bad I thought) . After fitting the box and a few thousand miles its reading 58.4mpg! Not believing this figure i've done a few brim to brim fill ups and it actually doing 54mpg so i'm guessing I get around 12% improvement in mpg. I do drive carefully to get this but I still do the speed limits. It's the same as saving 15p a litre now!!!

I can't see why everyone hasn't got one of these fitted as there are no down sides.

Thanks to all at Tdi Tuning.

Regards Nick.

testimonials image24

Hi Steve,

Just a quick note of appreciation of your excellent service and guidance! The system you provided was spot on and the car is already showing a significant improvement in performance (for a Berlingo that is!), the blue light shines bright and all connections worked perfectly.

I would recommend anybody to your product on customer service alone.

Regards, Terence Potts

testimonials image25

My car is a 2010 Volvo XC90 2.4 D5. I fitted the box in less than 10 minutes, found instant power and the car felt so much smoother. I tow a caravan, without the tuning box the XC90 felt sluggish and very underpowered, with the tuning box installed the extra power made towing the caravan much easier, especially on uphill climes. I also visit the fuel station less so quidds in!

Thanks All

testimonials image26

Came across TDI as I was looking for a remap for my Seat Leon. I'm glad I didn't get a remap as I am looking to sell my car and get a BMW 330D. I am sending back my CRTD2 box to get a new wiring harness and get the box flash upgraded to suit the 330D when I get it. The customer service I got from TDI is immense. I was a bit confused about the differences between remapping and a tuning box at first, but it all become clear once I had a chat with them. I also got some Xenon Headlamps from TDI they were easy to fit just like the box! Can't wait to fit the box on a BMW.


testimonials image27

I found out about you guys from my mate who had purchased a tuning box for his Mondeo. I went out for a spin with him and I had to get one! I spoke to your office where you helped me find the system I needed for my Range Rover TDV6. As soon as the CRTD2 arrived the following day I plugged the box in and off I went! - I am exceptionally happy! I have had the Range Rover for 2 years and I have spent a fortune on diesel. Now i'm saving a load of money on diesel and it no longer feels quite as harsh when I fill up!

Great car, great tuning system, keep up the good work, one very pleased customer here.

Harry Murphy

testimonials image28

My brother saw your advert in diesel car magazine and he showed me the ad. I thought id give it a go so I ordered on your website along with a Pipercross panel air filter. Fitted the box and air filter to my Corsa in no time, put my foot down and it was instant power. The tuning box is by far the best modification I have ever done. I saw you also do Xenon headlamps and they are a definite buy for the future :)

The thing that struck me about TDI-Tuning is your competitive prices. As a student it's a good grab and I advise anyone to give one of your tuning boxes a go.

Joe Matthews

testimonials image29

Hello TDI-Tuning, I want to say how pleased I am with my CRTD2 Tuning Box. My 1.9 JTD 120ps Alfa Romeo 156 is a pleasure to drive again. You systems are excellent and the service you gave to me is first class.

The Power is one thing, but I'm also getting an extra 8 MPG which is very impressive to say the least.

Richard Wilson

testimonials image30

I fitted your box after 1000 miles and I have now done 600 miles with it fitted. The difference in performance is immediately apparent particularly with low down pickup. Even though my box is set for absolute max performance as opposed to efficiency, there has been no reduction in my fuel consumption! I averaged 39.2 mpg for the first 1000 miles and since the box went in it is 39.4 mpg

D. Shorthall

testimonials image31

Hi Graham,

Just a quick note to say thank you for the fabulous little tuning box. The improvement in my Mercedes ML280 has been huge. Motorway MPG up from 29 to 35mpg! Massively more powerfully too. Great to see something actually doing what it claims!

Thank you for your help and will be recommending you to others.

Kind regards,
Jeremy Pickup

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My car is 2005 MG ZT 135 TDI 50,000 miles - Fitting the Tuner took less than 10 mins - including removing and replacing the engine cover (a simple job, 3 bolts hold it on). The instructions for fitting (and potential fault finding) were very easy to follow.

As soon as I started the engine it sounded smoother and vibrated less. Now almost 1000 miles later the car has been transformed very much smoother - pulls better from low revs, don't need to change gear so much. I am a bit of an 'Eco driver' so I don't thrash it very much, now when I do it appears to accelerate much better and very quick to the legal limit, overtaking I feel more confident.

My mileage is mixed motorway / A roads / country lanes / some town traffic jammed roads. My 'in car' computer was showing long term average 45.5 mpg before fitting - it's now an amazing 55.6 mpg. Will therefore pay for itself in less than 10 months at this rate and I feel I am driving a new more powerful car. Highly recommended!

John Hill, Chartered Engineer and Environmentalist

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Dear TDI Tuning

I recently purchased a Renault Laguna 2.0 dCi Diesel Tuning Box Chip from you and I find that I can now engage 5th gear at 30 mph, the 6th gear has a larger range now and I can leave it in 6th at lower speeds. The pick-up in 5th from low revs is better and I did a well travelled route of 160 miles round trip and I achieved a difference of nearly an extra 6 mpg. Not only is the box a great piece of kit but the after sales service is excellent too.

Thank you.

Wayne Thomson

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After extensive research into performance enhancing devices for my new Ford Mondeo, I opted for a TDI Tuning CRTD2 system as I had heard through word of mouth that they did what they say on the tin and offer excellent after sales support. This proved to be true. Not only did I get next day service in the supply of the device, the instructions were easy to follow allowing me to install the unit in under 10 minutes. Once installed, this made a huge difference. The pre-programmed setting made the car a different beast altogether! Torque has increased dramatically and power delivery is smooth, throttle response crisp and power all the way to the red line, without the annoying drop off well short of it!!! Traction control is now much needed in the wet!!!

I heartily recommend TDI-Tuning and their products. Coupled with their after sales service, you can't go wrong.

Dominic, Hertfordshire

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I recently fitted your tuning box to my Citreon C4 2.0 HDI VTS and what a difference it has made. The torque and power has increased dramatically. I just attended a rolling road day and standard it's 136 Bhp with 246 lbs torque and now it's now 164.9 Bhp with 270.3 lbs torque, amazing!!! Thank you very much. Recommended to anyone.

Newport, South Wales

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The support from these guys is second to none. I fitted the tuning box within 2 minutes and the difference is unbelievable no more flooring the pedal trying to get acceleration just touch the pedal and the powers there smoother engine quicker gear change. Thanks guys for your great support and product.

Chris from Leicester
Peugeot 407 SE 136 Bhp HDI

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I have used TDI Tuning Boxes on my last 3 cars and have found the product to be both brilliant in what it provides, excellent value for money, and just as importantly, have found the communication and ongoing support provided by the company to be equally outstanding. It is rare to find all these qualities from a single supplier, but this is one company that does just that! If you want a product that will improve your Diesel's performance, improve your MPG and provide a return on your investment, then go to TDI Tuning. Highly Recommended!

BMW 525D

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Hi Guys,

I have now fitted my CRTD2 and it works a treat! My mpg is up by over 10 mpg which I find astonishing given the other added bonus of power and smoothness it's like driving a new car. I cannot fault your service, the product arrived quickly and the instructions and customer support were spot on. Your company has been a breath of fresh air! I've told all the staff at work about the system so you should be getting a good few orders over the next few weeks/months.


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When calling these guys for their help in me getting the most from my car in respect to the performance/torque/economy, their TDI Tuning box did the trick.

Good price and over the moon with what I received.
Willing to take time to explain the smallest detail to help me in the installation.
Very friendly and professional.
What more could you want?

Will definitely buy from these guys again.


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I purchased a Tuning-Box from yourselves earlier this week and received it within two days, great! Fitted it today, well impressed. It does exactly as your info suggests. I would have no hesitation in recommending your online store to friends or colleagues.

Derek. A. Sim.

P.S. A very satisfied customer!

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Having just purchased and fitted (within 5mins) a TDI-Tuning box for my BMW 120d. I am astonished at how much extra power and torque the tuning box gave the engine.

Average MPG is better, and the slightest push of the accelerator pedel propels you much quicker than without the CRTD2 system installed, enabling me to lift off the accelerator earlier than I would have if I didn't have this installed, therefore enhancing MPG figures. Fabulous product!


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Hi TDI Tuning

Received the box and fitted in about 10 minutes, Instantly what a difference. 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th gear acceleration is noticeably faster with torque available right through the rev band and not just further down. Higher end power above 3500rpm is like night and day in comparison to standard.

The fuel consumption is better, and the engine is running better. All in all I am very pleased I bought it.

Vauxhall Corsa 1.7 CDTI

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Just fitted a CRTD system to my 2002 Ford Mondeo TDCI with over 200,000 miles on it with great results, Found the system to give me loads more Power and now burns less fuel! You don't know what you are missing until you get one! TOP PRODUCT!!!


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Wow! This product really works! I was very optimistic about the product but I decided to give it a go and now the torque and bhp is up and I'm finding myself changing gears earlier. Also mpg has vastly improved. I fully recommend it to anyone wanting improved performance and save money.

Romulo Golez