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Power Boats

Diesel Tuning Systems from TDI-Tuning significantly increase your boat's performance, assist planing and improve your fuel economy!

Wished you'd opted for that bigger engine? Then why not transform your boat with digital engine mapping technology? Our diesel tuning systems can be installed in 5 minutes giving you:

Higher Top Speed 20% Improved Fuel Efficiency Quieter Engine Operation
40% More Horsepower Quicker Easier Planning Multiple Digital Maps
40% More Torque Better Manoeuvrability Plug & Play!

It might not come as a surprise when we say that we tune everything diesel! Mainly due to demand from the automotive sector, diesel technology has come a long way in the past 15 years. Diesel engines now have the capability to significantly out perform their petrol based equivalents. As we are sure you are aware, power (HP) is not of primary importance for marine applications, the importance of torque is far too often underestimated and undervalued. Whether you use your vessel for power boating, recreational cruising, water skiing or even leisurely cruising the inland waterways, power & torque play a serious part in how your engine performs and the efficiency at which it runs.

Fortunately, advances in diesel technology have given us the ability to further increase the performance of your diesel engine with the straight forward installation of our state of the art plug in digital tuning boxes.


For those looking to get up and stay on the plane quicker, pull skiers out of the water easier, carry more people onboard without hindering performance, increase cruising and top speed all whilst enabling your engine to reach optimal performance and consume less fuel. We can assure you that you have just found your new favourite gadget!

Each system is delivered pre-programmed to ensure that your boat runs at optimal performance, whilst ensuring that your engine control devices are still in full control. Each tuning box has been engineered as a "Life System" which can be re-programmed to suit another engine using the same type of injection system if you decide to change your boat in the future.

Wondering how a digital tuning box will put a smile on your face and save you money on fuel bills? Use the search feature above to find your engine and how much power and torque your engine has the ability to produce with one of our digital tuning boxes installed!

Installation is extremely easy and should not take you any longer than 5 minutes. All of our products come with a full 14 Day Money Back Guarantee & 3 Year Warranty.