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Farming Agricultural Diesel Tuning Boxes




Agricultural Diesel Costs


Fluctuating crop prices and operating costs are a major challenge for farm managers in this difficult economic climate. In 1998 Red Diesel cost just 15ppl but over the last 15 years prices have increased to over 70ppl. According to the annual Defra Farm Business Survey, UK cereals farms spent on average £67/Ha on machinery fuels during the last harvest year. This cost increased by 26% from the £53/Ha the previous year, influenced by economic and environmental factors.


Reducing Agricultural Fuel Costs


Implementing the correct equipment set-up before operations, regular maintenance and adopting an eco-driving style help to reduce fuel consumption and these measures have all been championed by the European Commission’s Efficient 20 project which works with farmers to monitor tractor fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions by 20% compared with 2020 predictions.


Forward purchasing of red diesel through large farming co-operatives has become increasingly popular in order to combat rising market costs, but this is quite often not an option for many smaller farming enterprises.


Agricultural Diesel Tuning


If you are already driving efficiently, setting up your implements to best practice guidelines and keeping your machines fully serviced then your next step is to consider a TDI Tuning box.  Our pre-programmed systems are optimised specifically for your tractor to improve performance and economy.


Our agricultural users have reported that the improved torque curves created by our tuning products have enabled their operations to be undertaken at a faster speed in higher, more fuel efficient gears reducing consumption and enabling cooler cleaner running.  Increased work rates also help to reduce labour costs on time intensive cultivations.


Our tuning boxes can be installed in minutes, are safe to use and traceless once removed. With potential savings of up to 20% on fuel use the boxes quickly pay for themselves and become an asset in managing rising operating costs.


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