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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this system fit my vehicle?
A: Please use the vehicle search drop down menu's at the top of the page to find your exact product(s).

Q: How does this system fit?
A: Most of our tuning box systems connect onto the fuel injection system within the engine bay. The connector loom we provide has a genuine male and female connector fitted to ensure you can easily remove the connector from your engine, plug this into one connector on our loom and then the other back into your engine so the tuning box sits in-line with your vehicle's existing electronics. You'll only need a screw driver or basic tools to install our systems as they plug straight into your engine quickly.

Q: My car is remapped, will this work?
A: We do not recommend it as your vehicle already has been fine tuned for more power. However it's worth noting that a tuning box will yield the same power gains but gives you the flexibility to remove the system at any time being fully un-detectable.

Q: Are your systems detectable by a garage?
A: None of our diesel tuning boxes touch your vehicle's ECU software or other electronics and don't make permanent changes which would be detectable. However they can be quickly and easily removed altogether if you choose at any time reverting your vehicle to factory standard.

Q: Will this damage my engine, are they safe?
A: All our systems are completely safe and will not damage an engine in any way. We have been tuning diesel vehicles for many years and have extensive knowledge on what settings each system needs for the specific vehicle it's being installed on. All of your vehicle's existing safety features are always in full control of your engine. None of our systems override or alter your vehicle's settings at any time.

Q: Do I need to remove my system for Servicing and MOT's?
A: No you do not have to at all. Most of our customer's leave these systems installed at all times and have never ever experienced a reason not to.

Q: Will these systems increase my emissions?
A: No they will not, most of our customer leave these systems installed for MOT's or other inspection works and have never had an issue.

Q: Do I need to cut anything to install?
A: No you shouldn't have to as these systems are designed to plug straight into your engine with the connectors provided.

Q: Will this affect my warranty?
A: This is down to your dealer, the manufacturer, or whoever sold or maintains a warranty on your vehicle. However all our diesel tuning boxes are designed to plug in and be removed very quickly and easily. This ensures that if you wish to remove the system for maintenance or servicing you can do but this isn't a requirement.

Q: An Anti Pollution warning light has come on?
A: It's very rare to have any warning light come on as we specifically tune each system for the vehicle it's sold for. However if this was unlikely to occur then it's a simple adjustment issue with the tuning box, a poor connection when installing the system or worst case a faulty wiring loom or system. It's nothing to worry about and purely a safety measure on the vehicle's part, please get in touch and we'll sort this out for you quickly.

Q: Can I swap this system to another vehicle?
A: Our Tuning Boxes can often be used on other vehicles but it is almost always the case that the Tuning Box will need to be re-programmed with new engine specific software and for the correct engine variant, This is to ensure safe operation and maximum power gains. Also, you will likely need a new connection harness for the new engine type. The harness and re-program service is available as one package purchase from our website.

Q: Can you fit this system for me?
A: Yes we can. If this is of interest to you please give us a call or send us an email and we'll be able to advise a price and availability.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes we do, we charge a flat rate for international shipping which you can choose at checkout. If you wish to confirm prices in advance please contact us.

Q: Do I have to sign for the parcel?
A: Yes you do, all our parcels are dispatched by either UPS Courier or Royal Mail Special Delivery, both are next working day delivery and signed for services.

Q: I don't seem to be able to find my vehicle?
A: If you can't find your vehicle using our Vehicle Finder Drop Down Boxes at the top of this page please do not hesitate to send us an email query or call us and we'll do our best to advise you if a system is available. We're always adding new vehicle's so it's best to check if in doubt.

Q: What is included in the package?
A: Every Diesel tuning box is supplied with the correct engine connector loom for your vehicle as well as full English fitting instructions and cable ties.

Q: Do I need to inform my insurance company?
A: Yes we would advise you do to ensure your insurance policy is valid.