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ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping from TDI Tuning

What is Remapping? Remapping is where we change the data on your ECU (Engine Control Unit) within your vehicle using a laptop computer.  Because we're changing the data directly on the ECU there is nothing to see and no tuning box has to be located within the engine bay. After applying the new data called a remap your diesel or turbo petrol vehicle will feel more responsive, more powerful than before and typically with improved fuel economy.

How do you perform a remap? You'll need to bring your vehicle to us at our head office in Chelmsford, Essex. We will run a full diagnostic report on the vehicle to ensure the vehicle is in optimal condition first. We'll then download the existing data from your ECU. Our Technical Engineers will then modify this data to yield extra power or a combination of power and fuel economy depending upon your requirements. Once this data has been changed it'll then be uploaded back to your vehicle to complete the remapping process.

How long does a remap take? A full ECU remap can take up to a couple of hours depending upon the process required. We will always book you in for a remap with an allocated time slot so you'll know how long you'll be with us.

What is the difference between an OBDII and EDC17, MED17 Remap? Vehicles built before 2009 can typically be remapped by simply plugging our laptop equipment into your vehicle's diagnostic port within the vehicle. Where possible this is the quickest method of applying a remap. On some newer vehicles the ECU (Engine Control Unit) is often locked down in order to prevent such work from occurring.

This is often done to prevent you releasing more power from the model you purchased which is clearly not the manufacturer’s intention. In order to carry out a remap on these newer vehicles we have to carefully open up the ECU, connect directly to the ECU circuit board and apply the new data. We then seal the ECU back up and fit the ECU back into the vehicle.


Can the process be reversed? Yes it can, in fact we do not charge to reverse this process if you choose to have the remap removed, for example you’re selling your vehicle and would rather no one knows about the modification made.


What's the differance between a remap and a tuning box and which would you recommend? A remap is where we're plugging in a laptop computer and changing the data on your ECU. A Tuning Box is a specialist electronic unit which makes the same changes outside of the ECU. A remap will require us having access to the vehicle in Chelmsford. For a tuning box we do not require access to the vehicle and can dispatch a system directly to your postal address.


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