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tuning boxesTuning Box
Quite simply it's a device which can be DIY installed within the engine bay resulting in more engine power, torque and fuel saving improvements. All of our tuning boxes connect to the fuel injection system and work with the...
The Benefits!increase power with a diesel tuning bow
A diesel tuning box from TDI Tuning increases the torque of your vehicle significantly increasing your ability to tow whether it be a caravan, boat, horse box or trailer. We appreciate that many vehicles do not produce enough low...
Fuel savingTuning saves you fuel
All modern diesel engines run underpowered; this is due to a wide range of variables factored in by the vehicle manufacturers such as: Driving conditions, Driving Style, Vehicle Models (many manufactures produce...
Engine tuning for all makes and models
Is it Safe?Diesel tuning Product Safety
All our tuning boxes are extensively tested to ensure they are designed and built to our own very exacting high standards. The full TDI Tuning diesel tuning box range sits behind the vehicles ECU (Engine Control Unit)...
3 Year Warranty?3 year warranty with all tuning boxes
A tuning box is an expensive and complex product, for this reason we understand that you want peace of mind knowing that your product is covered against product failures. We believe in our product so much that...
Why Buy From TDI Tuning?Why buy from TDI Tuning
You might have done some research online or through magazines and been amazed by the mind blowing amount of different diesel tuning offerings out there. So why should you buy from TDI Tuning? Well to sum up, we're a...
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Diesel Tuning Boxes for Improved Performance and Economy

If you want to save money on fuel bills and increase performance with a product that doesn’t need a specialist mechanic to fit, then a diesel tuning box is a perfect solution. Our tuning boxes can typically be fitted at home in less than 10 minutes and offer instant gains from the moment you start driving.

Why Buy A Diesel Tuning Box?

Your diesel engine can be tuned to safely produce more power and torque to its original factory settings. Why is this? Car manufacturers build their vehicles to one global specification that reduces production costs and enables them to function consistently across different environments, conditions and user requirements.

Examples of this are; suspension systems that offer composed road holding on a motorway whilst withstanding potholes on a farm track; Air conditioning systems that can keep drivers comfortable in the Australian Outback or Alaska; Engines that can run on fuel supplies available in London or Nairobi.

In order to run on varying global fuel quality, engines have restrictions applied to their ECU to decrease/limit power which enables consistent running but creates a disadvantage for drivers who are guaranteed high quality fuel. This is where the use of diesel tuning technology can transform your diesel engine.

At TDI Tuning, our tuning boxes are designed to increase power by plugging into the engine and streamlining the fuel injection and turbo boost parameters. This includes the timing, pressure and quantity of fuel added. It results in significant improvements in your engine’s overall performance, both in terms of power and torque which enables the engine to operate in higher, more fuel efficient gears for longer, directly improving fuel economy.

Tuning Solutions for All Types of Vehicles

Our diesel tuning boxes are designed with safe, and certified electronic circuit systems and high performance micro-processors. Manufactured using the highest standards, our products have undergone rigorous testing both on simulated and real world test situations before they reach a customer’s vehicle.

In our wide selection of products you can find engine tuning boxes for:

  • Cars and Vans
  • Motorhomes
  • Agricultural, Plant and Commercial Vehicles
  • Marine Vessels and Watercraft

Our engine tuning solutions can be used in cars or vans produced by nearly all current manufacturers from Audi and Lexus to Volvo and Porsche. For agricultural vehicles our diesel tuning boxes support manufacturers such as John Deere, Massey Ferguson, New Holland and many other well-known brands.

The Full Diesel Tuning System and Support

When you buy a tuning system from us, it will be fully backed by a 3 year warranty and 14 day money back guarantee. Our CRTD2 systems are also reprogrammable for other common rail vehicles as we consider them to be a life product that you can keep using even if you sell the vehicle you originally bought our diesel tuning box for.

With a diesel tuning box from TDI Tuning you will get:

  • Microprocessor controlled technology
  • A preconfigured device for your vehicle
  • 'Easy Fit' guarantee that allow you to plug in and go
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Improved responsiveness and acceleration
  • Comprehensive fitting instructions
  • 24/7 email support

If you want to make you vehicle, responsive, powerful and efficient go to ‘Find Your Vehicle’ in the top left of the page and start your purchase. If you want more information, feel free to contact us!