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Ford diesel tuning boxes

Ford Diesel Engines

Ford has fitted diesel engine options into its commercial vehicles such as the Transit since the 1960s and later in the 1980s introduced them into their passenger cars. As Ford refined its diesel technology, it began to introduce diesel options into their executive models and its current TDCI power plants are now fitted to the majority of its range in various capacities and power outputs ranging from the 1.4, 67bhp Fiesta to the 2.2 197bhp Mondeo.

Most of the current TDCI engines for Ford’s UK passenger cars were designed as part of a joint venture between Ford and PSA Peugeot Citroën. The smaller capacity engines are also fitted under the name HDI by Citroen and Peugeot and to the Mazda 2 and 3 as the CiTD.

The TDCI range of engines can also be found in some models of Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover which were all introduced to them during Ford ownership. However all of these manufacturers have now been sold on, with Tata buying Jaguar- Land Rover and Volvo being sold to parent of Chinese motor manufacturer Geely Automobile.

Tuning Your Ford Diesel Engine

TDI Tuning can supply CRTD2 diesel tuning boxes for all of the TDCI range of engines in both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. When fitted to the 197bhp 2.2 Duratorq TDCI our CRTD2 can increase power up to 231 BHP and increase Torque from 420Nm to 535Nm.

However, we find that many of our customers are not just looking for power and torque gains to increase performance. Many fit our multi program CRTD2 diesel tuning boxes to improve fuel economy when driving high annual mileages on the motorway. Economy across the range of TDCI engines is typically improved by 4 to 6 mpg. Many customers choose the CRTD2 so they can pick an engine setting that is best suited to their driving environment whether that is in a busy city or a hilly countryside area, utilising their available torque and power to offer the best advantage.

Select your Ford Diesel Tuning Box

To find your Ford either select your model from the options below or from the drop down box on the top left corner of this page. Alternatively call us on 01245 392255 to find out more about our diesel tuning boxes and we can help you select the correct model and process your order and answer any further questions you may have.